PEO Solution by Prof Brian Peskin and Dr Robert Rowen

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PEO Solution: Conquering Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease

The Highly Anticipated Landmark book by Prof. Brian Peskin and Dr. Robert Rowen!

PEO Solution: Conquering Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Disease with Parent Essential Oils is the collaborative effort of Prof. Brian S. Peskin, BSEE-MIT and Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. Their combined insights will give you state-of-the-art science with new tools to easily become and remain lean-for-life, energized, and disease-free.

Written for physicians and their patients, this book is for you regardless of your diet.

Extremely easy-to-read with larger font 6 x 9 trade paperback: 550 pages with comprehensive 24-page index.

"Just finished PEO Solution. It's a game changer! Congratulations on putting together an all-encompassing, informational bomb like this. The science is irrefutable. I will be giving this to a few colleagues and see their reaction. I think it will be quite the wake up call!"
      —Dr. Jeff Matheson, Executive Medical Director, CPM [Chronic Pain Management] Healthcare Clinics, Ontario, Canada
Note: The standards at Chronic Pain Management (CPM) clinics became the basis of the current College of Physicians and Surgeons   standards to which all clinics in Ontario now must adhere.

"Prof. Peskin consistently leads the field with science-based medicine. PEO Solution is a masterpiece of the highest order (amazingly, it is easy to comprehend) and clearly cements Peskin as the world's leading physiologic EFA expert. Combined with the terrific insights of Dr. Rowen, no medical professional can afford to miss reading this monumental work. As far as I am concerned the top three supplements everyone should be taking are PEOs, PEOs, and PEOs."
      —Steve Helschien, D.C. (USA) Founder: Level 1 Diagnostics (Cardiovascular Disease Prevention), Level 1 Therapeutics

"…I have never seen such a remarkable result. When he [the patient] stopped the PEOs the plaque came back!"
      —Robert Kagan, M.D., Radiologist (USA) & Former Chairman of the Board of Nuclear Medicine Resource Committee of the American Pathologists.


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