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Truly Natural Vitamin C - Version 2

Message from Healthforce : "We are writing to inform you of an upcoming change to our Truly Natural™ Vitamin C. We are no longer able to accommodate the 6 oz and 500g fill weights on C6 and C500 since we have made a product upgrade, switching to a new material that is significantly less dense in volume (fluffier). Therefore, we are now offering our 270g bottle, with same prices, bottle sizes and UPCs as the current C500. We are excited to announce that this upgraded version is corn-free and even higher in vitamin C content – a significant upgrade!"

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, but when it is in an isolated and/or synthetic form, it is quite poorly absorbed and can actually adversely affect our health!

Truly Natural Vitamin C™ contains naturally occurring Vitamin C in a powdered form. It is non-toxic in low or high dosages, highly absorbable, and therefore is rarely excreted (expensive waste) through your urine.

Get your Vitamin C the way nature truly intended!




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